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Inherent hazards of operation

Creature Grips are the product of over 2 years of research and development in the quest to design an improved firearm grip surface. With that in mind, certain cases of use should be avoided.

Certain actions should be avoided when using Creature Grips:

- Do not eat or place Creature Grips in your mouth or other body cavities.

- Do not use Creature Grips in the slots immediately adjacent to a weapons gas block. Due to the girth of certain gas blocks coupled with an endless amount of hand guard configurations. Creature Grips may come into contact with the metal of the gas block and melt during periods of prolonged use.

- During periods of extreme use, Creature Grips may melt (392°F). We have not seen this in testing even during periods where the handguard was able to burn human flesh; However, certain configurations beyond our scope of testing may allow this. Please discontinue use if you notice any deformations in your Creature Grip surface.