WE'RE NOT GONNA NAME NAMES - But other rail panels on the market are designed to be as cheaply constructed as possible, in the largest batch possible to bring down manufacturing costs. Need only one? Break out the shears, fire up that band-saw. You've got some cutting to do. 

OUR INTENTIONS WERE DIFFERENT- We took the time to create a product that is sold in single pieces, a product that flawlessly mates with adjacent panels. Unlike other market offerings, The OG CG doesn't require you to snap or break a single piece off of a larger section. 

IT DIDN'T STOP THERE - The OG CG is the ONLY rail panel on the market that maintains traditional MLOK styling, and ALLOWS AIR TO FLOW!
Creature Grip Company is proud to announce bulk counter-top displays featuring 600pcs of your favorite CG color. Available in Black and Coyote Brown (FDE); The OG CG counter-top display gives your customers the ability to customize the quantity of their order, allows for lower wholesale costs, and gives your retail space the opportunity to capitalize on industry-proven sales techniques. 

THE BEST PART - Refills come at a reduced cost!

Fulfillment starts 03/01/2024!

Alternatively, please direct any questions to your already established regional point of contact.

Drew Wilson - Region 2
Alex Dombrowski - Region 1, Region 3